Direct Deposit Form

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In the first section, you will enter the employee's personal information, which includes the employee's Name, Address, SSN, Email, Phone number, and company name.


In the next section labeled “Financial Institution Information” - there are three circled options labeled "New", "Change" or "Cancellation" to choose from, regarding your employee’s financial institution.


After this, you will see the ‘Amount’ selection with three circled options to choose from: a dollar sign, a percentage sign and an option to select the entire paycheck. 

If you choose the dollar sign, you will be prompted to enter the amount and choose the type of account the deposit will be going into (checking or savings).

If you choose the percentage sign, you will be prompted to enter what percentage of the amount desired to be deposited.

If you chose the entire paycheck option, here you can indicate which bank account the deposit will be going to.


For the ‘Requirements’ section, you are required to attach a copy of a voided check for each bank account to which funds should be deposited. For the checking account option, please ensure that the check contains the preprinted name and address information.

For the savings account option, the employee’s bank verification letter stating: their name, routing number, and account number will be required.

Click on the ‘Upload a File’ button that says “attach a voided check here”. This will bring you to a new box where you can choose the document to upload. Click open to attach the file, and it will subsequently be uploaded.


 Now, the name of the employee and date will be required to acknowledge, authorize and grant the employer the right to initiate credit entries to their account.  

 Once this is complete, click on the “Submit your Request” button”.  






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